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Wooden windows and doors

There are specialists working in our company, who project, process and realize wooden buildings and other smaller wares themselves.

Also, wooden windows of various shapes and dimensions are produced in the company. Every client‘s need is individual, therefore we can offer profiles of windows: European and Scandinavian types.

European windows open to the inside of the outside. They are most commonly used in European countries. One of the main merits – prevents burglary, because window frames of such profile are more massive in comparison with the Scandinavian profile windows. Depending on the desired thermal properties, there is a possibility to choose between single-chamber and double-chamber wooden windows.

Scandinavian type of windows open to the outside, therefore they are more dynamic and flexible, because they are adapted to various types of opening (up, sideways, rotate, turn over, slide, etc.). Given the windy air, the window presses to the frame construction even more, thus its tightness increases. Window frames of the Scandinavian profile are thinner, compared to the European ones, therefore the visual picture is more elegant and frugal.

Doors are projected according to the individual client‘s order and purpose (outdoor or indoor doors). Subject to their purpose there is a certain choice in wood, shape, processing technology, lock and possibilities of the opening.

Thermal properties and tightness of doors and windows are ensured by using professional constructive decisions and modern finding.