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The wall of logs

Lithuanian single cutting hewed pine logs (manual processing, No.1). Thickness of walls is 200mm, 150mm (partition), height 300 – 600mm. Scandinavian type of construction. Logs are dried to 18 – 20 %.

  1. Laid on foundation.
  2. Insulation material PP – Thermal between logs No. 3 (PP-THERMO – a material, which does not absorb water and in which moisture is not accumulating. Meets standards of international anti-fire safety (ISO 11925 – 2). Union of allergy and asthma granted a certificate to our product (M1). Air leakage is 0,05m³/mcPa, heat permeability is λ – 0,033 W/mK.
  3. Expanding band between the logs 10mm 2 x 3 (this band consists of polyurethane foam, impregnated with modified polymer and aluminum hydroxide of synthetic resin, which gives resistance to ultraviolet rays. The unique sealing properties occur when the bigger part of the compressed band (of open pairs) closes, and the remaining part of those pairs is compressed so much, that the water molecules are omitted only in the form of steam).
  4. Wooden pegs.
  5. Mounting screws (anchors, stretchers).
  6. Cavities for the electric installation (ready).