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Log bathhouses

Wooden bathhouses, which are built of logs, have more advantages than bathhouses built any other way. Wood – a natural product, grown in nature; that is why bathhouses, made of logs, do not produce any hazardous materials. No moisture insulating material is needed in bathhouses, built of logs, because heated baulks return the heat back to the bathhouse. A bathhouse, constructed of logs looks natural and appealing, so no additional decoration is needed.
The project of the logs bathhouse is only created when discussed with a customer what premises must take place inside of the bathhouse (washroom, lounge, a steam bath, etc.), what furnace will be built and what other additional equipment is needed.
Specialists, who work in our company, can suggest constructional, engineering and interior solutions for any kind of construction of a bathhouse (sauna, Russian, Turkish, Lithuanian bathhouse). A heat-treated wood, which is of a high quality, is used to build a bathhouse, and it is specially selected by a type of bathhouse. When large changes in temperature take place, wood has a tendency to deform, thus it is very important for a building timber to be properly dried and prepared for constructions of a high quality.
Company processes wood in their production workshop, therefore we also project, process and realize installa
tion of bathhouse‘s inner design and its berths. There is possibility to order installation of bathhouse‘s inner design or berths together with a logs bathhouse, or it can be done separately.
If there are any questions, please apply to us with a help of given contacts.