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Constructions of log summerhouses

According to the properties of physical thermal insulation, wooden houses are suitable for any changes and climatic conditions of air temperature. During summer warmth is diffused from the outside and wooden walls keep it, therefore during the hot season rooms in the building are not heated. During winter the air temperature outside is significantly lower, but the house is heated from the inside (hot air circulates in it), thus the wooden walls keep the heat inside of the house. In comparison with other building material (masonry, concrete, blocks, plates, etc.), the wood is frost-free. Therefore, wood has a feature to store heat. As for the cellular structure of the trunk, through the walls made of logs a constant change of air is taking place („walls are breathing“), that is why no conditioners are needed. The air inside of the house is circulating, and this has a positive effect on respiratory tracts, lungs and well-being of people.

Sometimes dust can be seen floating in the room. This phenomenon is happening because static electricity energy is accumulating in the premises. Because of the wood‘s electrostatic properties, the static electricity energy does not accumulate, therefore, this reduces dust. For those, who have a tendency to allergic reactions, a wooden house is a good way to deal with this problem.

Wooden summerhouses are lasting and useful buildings, because wooden walls help to maintain stable temperature inside, and during the summer heat the temperature of the inside stays lower than the temperature outside.

The project work and engineering decisions of a summerhouse are coordinated with a client. If needed, we can build a summerhouse according to a client‘s made drawings of a building.